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Content Management Systems

It is becoming increasingly common for websites to include a Content Management System (CMS) which gives clients some level of control over their site. Using a CMS lets you add pages, update images and change content using a simple online form.

Content Management Systems (CMS) Victoria BC

Nimpkish develops sites using Open Source technology, specifically Drupal and Wordpress.

A Content Management System typically has a core that can be installed easily, and a wide variety of additional functionality that can be added when required. They are highly customizable and flexible when truly understood provide a website platform with limitless possibilities.

Both Drupal and Wordpress are Open Source, meaning there are no license fees. A large community of developers collaborate and support each other in their development. This means that any bugs or difficulties can be resolved quickly with the input of community experts.

Clients who have no technical background can get partial or full access to manage content, view reports and maintain the site using a simple login.

“What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)” interfaces allow for instant updates and previews and revision controls mean that previous versions can be restored swiftly.

Detailed training and documentation mean that clients can take away a site that they can largely maintain themselves.

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