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Marketing Material & Exhibition Stand Design

We are specialists in designing promotional collateral for trade shows across North America and Europe. From designing and marketing for product launches to creating exhibition showguides and trade show booth graphics and customer collateral handouts, we've done it all.

Marketing Material Victoria BC

What not to do.

We've seen it before. Companies spend thousands of dollars for a booth space, thousands more on travel and accommodation, then turn up to a trade show and expect the leads to just fall in their lap.

Some are genuinely shocked that attendees walk right by their booth and seem to crowd around their competitors booth across the way.

Why is this? A casual glance at the two competing stands will give you the answer. Its amazing how often companies turn up with no booth structure, no brand of any sort, a logo printed out on an office printer and taped to the wall and marketing collateral in the form of do-it-yourself Word documents.

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We've been assisting companies launch products and complete successful lead generation activities at trade shows around the World with the following;

  • Pre-Show Marketing Campaigns: Direct Mail and E-mail Marketing
  • Event Marketing and Branding: Exhibition Stand Graphics, Collateral Handouts, Brochures and Magazines, Chairdrops, Flyers, Flash Presentations, PowerPoint Presentations, Documentary Videos, Video Interviews, In-Booth Positioning Videos Displayed etc.
  • Post-Show Follow-Up: Direct Mail and E-mail Marketing, Show News Documentaries and Video Interviews

By building a trade show marketing strategy with us you can rest assured you will get maximum exposure and return on your trade show investment.